Piano Lessons For Children


Beyond Music Appreciation and the "Mozart Effect"

Giving your child music lessons is one of the best investments you can make. Beyond the most obvious benefit of opening the door to a lifetime of music appreciation and personal accomplishment, studies have shown that music lessons increase a child's IQ and enhance academic performance. A Canadian study featured in Forbes concluded that after nine months of weekly training in piano or voice, young students' IQs rose, on average, three points more than their untrained peers. In the words of a recent Los Angeles Times article: "Learning to make music (and not merely listening) changes the brain and boosts broad academic performance." Other research shows that playing an instrument has a positive effect on learning math and foreign languages. Some other often-overlooked benefits of music instruction are:

• Enhanced hand-eye Coordination, dexterity and motor skills: playing the piano is a physical activity requiring muscle development and development of motor skills.
• Improved concentration and discipline – learning to play the piano requires concentration, focus and discipline - abilities that equally important to academic achievement and success in life.
• More confidence and self-esteem
• Improved school performance
• "Renaissance" Children – music lessons broaden a child's intellectual curiosity and artistic accomplishments


Piano Prep School - Preschool and Kindergarten Students

The Music Teachers National Association recommends that 4-6 year olds enroll in programs that "introduce your child to the instrument, but also involve movement, rhythm activities, singing and more." For this reason, we have developed Piano Prep School. This is a program of in-your-home private music lessons geared towards helping children "get ready" for more serious piano study. Piano Prep School focuses on keyboard basics, basic note-reading, rhythm and ear training, singing and movement. Children learn fun and familiar songs on their home piano or keyboard and have simple practice assignments from week to week. The program is run by Pam Perry, a seasoned teacher with experience in early childhood music education. If you are interested in learning more about the program and its availability in Palos Verdes and the beach cities, please visit the Piano Prep School website for more information.